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Resources, research, analysis

Does your group need help creating

 A shared sense of purpose?
 Clarity on priorities?
 A plan and help to get there?
 Support for collaboration that builds on the interests of all the partners?

CommunitySync helps clients frame the issues to take effective action. We provide the following services to strengthen community organizations and initiatives:

 Facilitation and partnership development
 Research, analysis and writing
 Strategic and action planning
 Grant development
 Community engagement and assessment, and
 Program planning and evaluation

Whether you would like assistance with setting goals, drawing up a plan for your organization, or launching a comprehensive community initiative, we are here to help.

Our clients include:

 public agencies that want to identify gaps and overlaps    in services to leverage their scarce resources;
 research and policy centers that need perceptive
   researchers experienced in conducting interviews,
   focus groups, structured observations, and analysis;   
Definition of Resource

 nonprofit organizations seeking community engagement, strategic partnerships,
   grant resources, and technical assistance; and

 other organizations seeking to strengthen programs and communities.

Our areas of expertise include education and youth development, workforce development, economic development, technology access and training, and how these issues link together. We have partners who specialize in public health and other issue areas for projects with crosscutting needs.

See how our recent projects build on our services to strengthen community organizations and initiatives.