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Is Your Community In Sync?

CommunitySync helps government, nonprofit, educational and civic organizations strengthen their organizations, collaborations, and communities. Our services include strategic partnership development, facilitation and planning, project management, research and writing, grant development, and related services to help our clients:

• Engage stakeholders

• Focus on objectives

• Identify gaps and overlaps

• Strategically align resources

• Assess strengths and opportunities for improvement

We have more than ten years of experience in workforce and community development, education and youth development, and technology access and training.

image of proud graduates. Engagement. A solution designed without input from stakeholders is not a solution. How do you get key people to the table?  And how do you keep them engaged?
image of curious giraffes. Collaboration. With shrinking resources and expanding needs, no one can do it alone. How do you turn the diverse interests and strengths of all the players into strategic partnerships and successful collaboration?
image of the earth. Effectiveness. If it’s working well, build on those strengths.  If it’s not working, try something new. What information do you need to maximize your success?   What questions should you be asking?  And how do you turn new knowledge into results?
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